Citi AAdvantage credit card 3x promo, plus how to get a retention bonus

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Last week, I got a notification via that I had been charged the $95 annual fee for my Citi® AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Visa® card.

Except for cards that I keep because they offer annual bonuses, such as the Hyatt & USAirways cards, this is my signal to call and cancel the card so I don’t have to pay the fee. I called the number of on the back of the card, and as usual they transferred me to their “retention specialist”.

At this point, I was offered a $95 statement credit plus 1000 bonus miles for each month I spend $1000+ for 16 months. Sure, that’s not a spectacular offer, but the $95 statement credit was enough to get me to hang on to the card for another year. If I’m not trying to meet a minimum spend elsewhere, there will be a few months where I should be able to get that bonus.

Two days later, I received an e-mail that made me glad I’d made that decision.

citi aadvantage 3x bonus 500x581 - Citi AAdvantage credit card 3x promo, plus how to get a retention bonus

Citi & AAdvantage are offering 3x miles for spending in certain categories (grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, restaurants, and commuter transportation locations) through 3/31/15. Some cardholders have reported being offered different categories. The bonus is up to 2,500 miles total. Since the bonus is awarded as an additional 2 miles per dollar spent in the above categories, this equates to $1,250 of spend.

If I can meet that $1,250 cap for the 3x promo on my next statement, I should receive 4,750 miles (1250 for spend + 1000 retention bonus + 2500 3x promo). Again, I’d get more for meeting the spend requirements for a completely new card somewhere, but there are only so many card offers out there, so waiting a month to apply for something else is not a big deal to me. Not bad for spending I would be doing anyway!

win a free trip 1 - Citi AAdvantage credit card 3x promo, plus how to get a retention bonus

If you have this card, check your e-mail to see if you’ve been offered something similar. It’s easy to ignore emails from your credit card company or bank, but sometimes it pays to read them.

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