Travel Tip: Never turn your back on the ocean

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Here’s a quick travel tip: Never turn your back on the ocean.

For those of you who don’t live near water, or if the water near you is always calm, keep in mind that that’s not always the case in other places. The ocean can be very powerful and can catch you off guard. Always be cautious, especially in places like Hawaii and the California coast that are noted for their large waves and rocky cliffs. When I went to Hawaii a few years ago, I was amazed at just how strong the waves & currents were on some beaches.

What prompted me to write about this particular travel tip? French reporter Fanny Agostini, who got hit by a huge wave during a live broadcast from the coast of France near Mont Saint Michel (You can add the coast of France to the list of places to be especially careful).

In the 2nd video, you can see just how dangerous this wave was, as it swept her off her feet and into a cameraman.

Always respect the sea & stay safe, especially during storms.

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