Vultures attempt to eat cars in Everglades National Park (video)

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If you’re going to Everglades National Park, you’re quite aware of the dangers on the ground. It comes with the territory when you’re in a unique swamp ecosystem. Not content with animals that can kill you from the water, nature has expanded its terror from a ground offensive of alligators and snakes to an air assault in the form of vultures.

Vultures have been attacking parked cars, stripping rubber, windshield wipers, and other parts from them while visitors are away taking in all of the park’s sights. The problem has gotten so bad that park rangers are issuing “anti-vulture” kits consisting of blue tarps and bungee cords.

The videos below show some of the vultures in action:

win a free trip 1 - Vultures attempt to eat cars in Everglades National Park (video)

Scientists don’t know why the vultures love removing parts off of cars, but given that the park’s main purpose is to serve wildlife, visitors are urged to be the ones to adapt.

One recommended adaptation: Take your friend’s car when you go to the Everglades.


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