Video: SNL – Premium Rent-A-Car sketch

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When you’re traveling, it’s easy to look at reviews for hotels & know the level of quality you are going to get. However, with car rental companies, quality can vary widely between brands, and even within brands. Rarely do I seem to have a good experience when I’m renting a car, which is why I enjoyed one particular sketch on last night’s episode of SNL.

Drake was the host & musical guest for last night’s Saturday Night Live, which included this sketch about a couple that was having difficulties trying to get their rental car from the generically-named Premium Rent-A-Car. The sketch stars Drake, Jay Pharoah, Vanessa Bayer, and Beck Bennett.

Watch SNL’s Premium Rent-A-Car sketch below:

This situation is familiar to many who have attempted to rent a car, only to be told that there are no cars available or that their reservation is being downgraded. The employees caring far more about their personal situations is also familiar. I thought the SNL sketch was pretty funny, but for some people this might hit a little too close to home if they’ve had enough bad service from car rental companies.

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