Video: Qantas introduces new in-flight menu: Live maggots

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In-flight meals never seem quite as fresh as they should, but Qantas’ new offering should solve that problem.

On a recent flight from LAX to Melbourne, passenger Victoria Cleven opened up a package of trail mix only to find that rather than just the nuts she expected, it was also filled with live maggots.

She didn’t notice this until she had already eaten some of the contents and something had tasted a bit off. Cleven told the Melbourne Herald Sun: ‘It tasted strange and I turned the light on and looked at the rest of the packet and started seeing maggots coming out of it everywhere.

‘I couldn’t talk. I was nearly throwing up. I was beside myself.’

She did manage to control her nausea well enough to film this video of the maggots.

Yup, they sure are alive. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be taking a quick peek into every bag of food before I start eating.

win a free trip 1 - Video: Qantas introduces new in-flight menu: Live maggots

Qantas offered Cleven AUD$400 as compensation, but she believes she is entitled to a full refund.

On second thought, forget that quick peek… a free trip to Australia for eating a maggot on Qantas? Where do I sign up? It’s just a little extra protein. People pay good money for snacks like that.

Plane passenger finds live MAGGOTS crawling inside packet of nuts (which she’d already started eating) [Daily Mail]

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