Sir Patrick Stewart reads one-star reviews of famous tourist attractions

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patrick stewart reads one star reviews - Sir Patrick Stewart reads one-star reviews of famous tourist attractions

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart can add gravitas to any movie or play, but can he turn the negative one-star reviews of finicky travelers into gold? GQ Magazine asked him to read some of these bad reviews of famous tourist attractions, and the result is great.

Watch Patrick Stewart read one-star reviews of The Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge, Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore, Hoover Dam, New York’s Natural History Museum, and The Eiffel Tower below.

While some are just jokes, it’s funny that people can go to these famous spots and have such negative reviews. Of course, everyone can have a bad day, and some places indeed aren’t as amazing as they might be billed.

For me, the most overrated tourist attraction I’ve visited is actually Stonehenge, which is in the video. The history behind it is amazing, but it’s not nearly as big as you might think, it’s in the middle of nowhere, plus once you do get there, you can’t get close to it. That said, I certainly wouldn’t give it one star! What’s the worst or most overrated famous tourist attraction you’ve visited?

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