Man protests the TSA in Portland by getting naked

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People often joke about how the TSA will eventually force passengers to strip off their clothes before boarding a flight. One man, John E. Brennan got a head start on that by getting naked at Portland International Airport as he tried to clear screening before heading to San Jose on Alaska Airlines.

Brennan claimed that he is a frequent flier, and the TSA agents were harassing him. The screeners asked him to put his clothes back on, but he refused. He was arrested and faces charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

A guy with a beard getting naked is pretty much the most Portland thing ever. In fact, according to KATU, Brennan also takes part in Portland’s Naked Bike Ride. I assume he had ridden his bike to the airport after stopping off at Potato Champion and Voodoo Donuts on the way, to complete the full Portland picture.

Man protests airport security by stripping down to birthday suit [KATU]
Naked Man Protests TSA in Nakedest Way Possible [Gizmodo]

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