Man accused of urinating on fellow passengers on JetBlue flight

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A JetBlue passenger was arrested on Friday after allegedly urinating on fellow passengers, seats, and luggage, on a flight to Portland, Oregon from Anchorage, Alaska.

Passengers said that Jeff Rubin slept for most of the flight, but then stood up and started peeing through the crack in the seats in front of him.

According to Port of Portland Police, “At some point Jeff Rubin lost his balance causing him to fall backwards and urinate upwards which got on the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passenger’s personal belongings.”

A reporter for the Alaska Dispatch News, Suzanna Caldwell, was on the flight and said everyone was calm. Via the AP:

“It’s not like anyone was screaming. I didn’t even realize anything had happened until the flight attendants came up to me and told me police were going to come onboard,” she told the Anchorage newspaper for a story on its website Friday.

Caldwell, who said she was not urinated on, said officers had to wake up Rubin when they got on board since he appeared to have fallen asleep again.

An officer then began interviewing passengers.

“At one point, the officer was like, ‘Who got peed on?'” Caldwell said.

If anyone is going to be laid back about being urinated on, it would probably be people from Portland.

CNN reports that “Rubin, of Gresham, Oregon, faces two misdemeanor charges: criminal mischief and offensive littering. He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center, where urinals are readily available in all cells.”

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“Offensive littering” is an interesting way of phrasing “peed on a bunch of people”, but it works. Hopefully JetBlue will be giving the aircraft a thorough cleaning before it goes back into service.

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