offers “Trump The Trump” guarantee for Brits wanting to avoid Donald

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donald trump angry 700x350 - offers "Trump The Trump" guarantee for Brits wanting to avoid Donald

If you’ve ever found yourself staying at a hotel where there was a large, annoying group, did you consider it could be much worse? What would you do if you found yourself staying in the same hotel as the burlap sack filled with barber shop hair clippings known as Donald Trump?

British travel website is putting its customers at ease with their new guarantee. If you find yourself staying at the same hotel as Trump, they will move you to another hotel.

The promotion is called “Trump The Trump”, and while there’s not much online about it aside from a few news articles, I imagine you can just reach out to their customer service with proof that you are stuck in the same hotel as short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump. Sufficient proof will include audio clips of him yelling at the service staff or demanding a wall be built between him and the tacos in the hotel restaurant. realizes this would be an unpleasant experience, which is why they told The Sunday Express that “our primary goal is to ensure that our customers have the option of a quick exit to more tranquil Trump-free surroundings if they wish so.”

They added, “We’d recommend that if you want to avoid Mr Trump altogether you might want to consider grabbing one of our great deals to Mexico, a beautiful holiday destination that is very popular with our customers but certainly not on Mr Trump’s bucket list judging by his latest comments.”

Sounds like a good idea. While the “Trump The Trump” offer is not open to Americans, a vacation to avoid election coverage for a little while is recommended for everyone.

win a free trip 1 - offers "Trump The Trump" guarantee for Brits wanting to avoid Donald

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