KLM flight attendants put out fire in passenger’s bag

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Flight attendants go through plenty of emergency training that they will hopefully never put to use. Fortunately for passengers on a recent KLM flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Bangkok, Thailand, the flight attendants were able to do exactly what they were supposed to by quickly and safely putting out a fire that had started in a passenger’s bag as the plane had landed in Bangkok.

Watch video of the dramatic scene on the KLM flight below, courtesy of one of the passengers:

It is suspected that the fire was caused by a lithium ion battery in the bag, but the investigation is still ongoing. Should that indeed be the culprit, this serves as a reminder that lithium ion batteries should always be carried in your carry-on baggage rather than in a checked bag. The flight attendants were able to put out the fire quickly because there were passengers around to notice it. While cargo holds do have fire suppression systems, they may not be sufficient if a fire grows quickly before they kick in.

Great job by these KLM flight attendants for calmly putting out the fire & keeping all of the passengers safe.

via ThreadTripping & DailyMail

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