JetBlue plane makes emergency landing with no nose landing gear in the Bahamas

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On Friday, passengers on a JetBlue flight from Washington, DC (DCA) to Nassau, Bahamas got quite the scare, as their plane was forced to land with no nose landing gear. Pilots train for this sort of situation, but only occasionally does that training come into practice.

The Embraer 190 aborted its first approach after there was no indication to the pilots that the nose landing gear was down. After confirming that the landing gear was indeed stuck inside the nose, the pilots had no choice but to land without it. They kept the nose up as long as possible while allowing the other wheels to slow the plane, eventually touching the nose down as the plane slowed to a stop. Fire crews were then quick on the scene to spray the plane to eliminate any chance of fire. It was a great job by all involved to keep the passengers & crew safe.

Watch the incredible videos of the JetBlue plane making its successful landing in the Bahamas below.

Some of you may recall a JetBlue plane making a similar landing at LAX in 2005, but in that case the gear was extended, just sideways. In that situation, passengers were actually able to watch live news coverage of their successful landing from inside the cabin.

win a free trip 1 - JetBlue plane makes emergency landing with no nose landing gear in the Bahamas

via The Aviation Herald, View from the Wing, and One Mile at a Time

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