HomeAway releases ad taking shots at shared AirBnb properties

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HomeAway has released a new commercial that takes on their biggest competior, AirBnB.

The ad, narrated by the excellent Nick Offerman, emphasizes HomeAway’s key differentiator, which is that all of their properties are rented privately. If you book with them, you won’t find yourself sharing with random strangers. While it doesn’t mention AirBnb, by name, you know exactly who they are talking about.

Watch HomeAway’s new ad below:

This is a pretty clever ad. While sharing a home or apartment with others may appeal to some travelers to save money or meet new people, it’s not for everyone. Of course, sites like AirBnb do have plenty of private listings as well, but that’s besides the point.

Personally, I think it’s an amusing ad, though the comments on YouTube show a fairly negative response. Given AirBnb’s reputation for motivating its users to petition things the company doesn’t like, my guess is that most of these commenters are being encouraged by AirBnb to give negative feedback, especially since the comments all sound almost exactly the same. As usual, I feel like I need to take a shower after reading YouTube comments. At least I won’t have to share the soap with anyone else.

win a free trip 1 - HomeAway releases ad taking shots at shared AirBnb properties


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