Dramatic near crash between 2 planes on the runway in Barcelona – Video

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Over the weekend, there was a dramatic near-crash in Barcelona, as one plane had to abort a landing due to another aircraft using a taxiway right in front of it. The near-collision was caught on camera (via Jalopnik). While the zoom of the video can exaggerate how close objects are, it’s clear to say these planes were very close to crashing had the pilot of the 2nd jet not reacted quickly and aborted the landing.

The details, from The Aviation Herald

An Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-300, registration LV-FPV performing flight AR-1163 from Barcelona,SP (Spain) to Buenos Aires,BA (Argentina), was taxiing for departure along taxiway M. Without slowing the aircraft crossed active runway 02.

At the time a UTAir Boeing 767-300, registration VQ-BSX performing flight UT-5187 from Moscow Domodedovo (Russia) to Barcelona,SP (Spain), was on short final to runway 02 descending through about 200 feet AGL, when the crew initiated a go-around after spotting the Airbus crossing the runway near the runway midpoint. The aircraft positioned for another approach to runway 02 and landed safely about 15 minutes later.

Runway 02 is normally not used and inactive. Taxiways K,E,D,M,N,T and S thus usually can be used without observing the holding points protecting runway 02. The habit of taxiing across runway 02 without paying attention to the holding points for runway 02 has already caused a number of runway incursions.

A scary moment, but everyone is ok. That said, Barcelona should address this issue so it doesn’t cause a tragedy.

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