Delta makes all in-flight entertainment free on all flights

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Delta Airlines has announced that all of their inflight entertainment will be free on all flights where the service is available beginning July 1, 2016. This is great news for travelers who want to keep themselves or their kids entertained and/or have no desire to attempt to do work while crammed into an economy seat.

From the Delta press release:

Prepare to be entertained on Delta flights – free of charge. Delta Studio, the airline’s industry-leading suite of onboard entertainment, will be free for all customers on two-class aircraft by July 1. This includes nearly 90 percent of Delta’s fleet.

Customers on nearly all domestic and international flights will feel at home in the air with access to free entertainment through Delta Studio. Delta operates the world’s largest in-flight entertainment-equipped fleet, with more than 1,000 aircraft offering Delta Studio via streaming through laptops, mobile devices and tablets, in addition to nearly 400 aircraft equipped with seat-back entertainment systems.

Delta Studio offers up to 300 movies, 750 TV shows, 100 foreign film titles, 2,400 songs, 18 channels of live satellite TV on select aircraft and a selection of games on aircraft with seat-back entertainment systems. Delta Studio consistently provides the best depth and breadth of content in the skies, from its lineup of all of the best picture nominees during awards season, to having nearly all of the top-grossing recent box office hits. Customers can enjoy a range of popular movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; The Jungle Book; and Hail, Caesar!; as well as premium TV options like Showtime’s Billions and HBO’s Vinyl. Live TV is available on more than 240 aircraft.

My level of tolerance for a long flight goes way up the better the inflight entertainment is, so this is great news. Once American’s frequent flier program becomes less attractive, I might actually consider giving Delta a shot. I don’t like to carry too many devices when I travel, and I can only tolerate watching so many downloaded shows on my phone.

One can only hope that American & United now follow suit & make all of their inflight entertainment options free, given how much the three airlines like to innovate copy each other. With all of the times that airlines have cut their onboard services in recent years, it’s good to see that some positive changes are being made.

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