Airbnb A Reality For Online Travel Agencies Like FlightHub

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Airbnb is here to stay. Launched in 2008, the temporary rentals portal has added another viable option for travelers looking for unique and value-priced lodging and renters looking to make a quick buck. While this has worked out great for customers and individual renters, the travel industry is still analyzing and preparing for a future where services like Airbnb have a larger share of rentals. One such business is FlightHub. Based in Montreal, Quebec, FlightHub reviews travel trends constantly to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. FlightHub, which was founded in 2012, thinks they are prepared for the future of online travel.

First some history, Airbnb was founded seven years ago in San Francisco, California. Since then it has grown to become a $20 billion company featuring over 1,500,000 listings in 190 countries. While they have had great success in the recreational travel space, FlightHub CEO Matt Keezer relays that travel is about more than just recreation, saying “all the prevailing research says that at least 75% of hotel bookings are business related,” adding “we don’t think services like Airbnb are as focused on this segment, nor will they be able to penetrate this space as easily as consumer travel due to the requirements and preferences of those engaged in business travel.” FlightHub’s research backs this up, with studies showing that more leisure-centric hotels are taking a bigger hit than hotels that cater to business travelers.

One thing FlightHub is concerned about when it comes to Airbnb and the hotel industry is compression nights. Compression nights are specific days when demand outweighs supply. These days are typically associated with special events or travel periods. FlightHub has considered this, but Keezer still thinks we aren’t in a place where the average consumer is turning to Airbnb in times of need, saying “While renters who use Airbnb have a means to quickly put a dent into accommodation supply, the average consumer is not likely considering Airbnb due to the fact that many vacations are booked in conjunction with their flights,” adding “consumers also value the convenience of having a one stop shop for their travel needs.”

FlightHub is a leading online travel agency in North America based out of Montreal, Quebec.

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