Air Canada targets Test Drive Canada campaign at anti-Trump Americans

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With the rise of festering coughed-up hairball Donald Trump, many Americans are wondering how they can escape the country if he is elected. Internet searches for “how to move to Canada” are skyrocketing, and Air Canada is taking advantage with their clever new ad campaign titled “Test Drive Canada”.

Air Canada has posted several videos encouraging Americans to test drive Canada to see if they like it.

Additionally, they are targeting personalized replies to celebrities who have Tweeted about moving to Canada.

Air Canada & ad agency J. Walter Thompson told AdWeek:

“The unprecedented interest in moving to Canada presented a powerful social context to make Air Canada more relevant to American travelers,” JWT creative director David Federico tells AdFreak. “Our challenge was to acknowledge where the tension was coming from, but avoid weighing into specific politics.”

“Following the California primary, conversation around ‘moving to Canada’ spiked once again,” notes JWT creative director Josh Budd. “In anticipation of this, we set ourselves up to write, shoot, edit and post live content in response to American tweets. We posted 29 real-time responses—to celebrities and average folks alike.”

Whether people are being serious or not, Air Canada is turning this sentiment into a great marketing opportunity. Canada is a pretty fantastic place to visit (or move, if you are so inclined).

via One Mile At A Time

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