Southwest Airlines reveals new livery

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Over the past few days, leaked photos have circulated around the web showing Southwest Airlines’ new paint scheme for their planes. Today the airline made it all official in an unveiling at Love Field in Dallas.

southwest airlines unvailing new branding monday sept 8 2014 - Southwest Airlines reveals new livery

In addition to the repainting of their planes, Southwest will be refreshing the rest of their corporate branding as well, from check-in areas to peanut bags. With Love Field about to be opened to longer distance flights very soon, today’s relaunch can be seen as the beginning of a new era for the airline, though they make a special point of noting that nothing will be changing about their highly-regarded company culture.

Here are more photos of the new Southwest plane paint jobs (you can find more, along with additional information about their design refresh at

heart one stephen m keller - Southwest Airlines reveals new livery

heartone websize008 - Southwest Airlines reveals new livery

heartone websize007 - Southwest Airlines reveals new livery

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Southwest colors, but this look certainly stands out as bold, especially when you consider how most other domestic airlines use some combination of red, white, and blue (but mostly white). These planes will definitely attract attention. Some commentators have said the white text on the blue background in the livery is reminiscent of Facebook, which I can also see. What do you think of Southwest’s new look?

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