SNL Sully sketch featuring Tom Hanks & Alec Baldwin – Video

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Tom Hanks hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and as usual, he did a great job with the show. With Sully having recently been released, it was natural that SNL would have Hanks play airline pilot Sully Sullenberger in a sketch. The SNL sketch also featured Alec Baldwin, who has been killing it as Donald Trump this season, but who plays another pilot here. The basic premise of the sketch is that the long-retired Sully is back in the cockpit, but unable to deal with Baldwin’s character actually being the captain for the flight.

Watch SNL’s Sully sketch “Cockpit” featuring Tom Hanks & Alec Baldwin below

Of course, although Sully flew for USAirways, they are now part of American, so that’s naturally the airline he’s “unretired” with here. It’s a fun little sketch that gives some insight into what the unexpected celebrity Sully’s life in the cockpit could have been like had he continued to fly, rather than retiring from flying, then becoming a pilot & airline safety advocate not long after the Miracle on the Hudson.


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