Carson Red Planet Series 50-111×90 Refractor Telescope with Smartphone Adapter


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The Red Planet Series 50-111x90mm Refractor Telescope , RP-400 now comes bundled with a smartphone adapter! With the smartphone adapter you can take pictures or video of the night sky through the telescope and share with friends and family. Connect the included adapter to your smartphone and attach to the telescope. Will accommodate all the popular smartphones on the market.Carson Digiscoping With Multiple-Lens Camera Phones:When using the newer Pro model iPhones (13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max), enable Macro Control, which can be found by going into the Settings app and navigating to the Camera tab. Once there, it’s as simple as flipping a switch. Back in the Camera app, when using the Carson Smartphone Adapter, a flower icon will appear in the lower left corner. This is telling your phone to use the macro lens because you are so close to the subject. Tap the icon to disable macro mode and it will revert to your main wide-angle lens for seamless use with all Carson smartphone compatible products.The RP-400 is a Refractor telescope. It features superior, fully coated optics and a high quality, heavy-duty aluminum tripod with an equatorial mount to counteract shaking and movements. It features setting circles which allow you to dial in coordinates similar to “latitude and longitude” to find specific stars, planets and constellations. Use the Red Planet telescopes to view the Rings of Saturn, the Moons of Jupiter and much more. It features a 6x30mm finder scope and two high quality eyepieces for the best viewing results. The RP-400 comes with a K20mm and K9mm eyepiece. The erecting diagonal can be used to flip the viewing image right-side up making this telescope perfect for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing.The Red Planet line features a sophisticated and sleek design so attractive you will be proud to keep it out all year round and it will blend nicely with any decor.

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