Came-TV J5 18′ Standard Version Telescopic Portable Camera Jib


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Extension-type Portable Camera JibPolejibs-J5 is a telescopic portable camera jib can up to 5.6 meters. It can be equipped with a stabilizer or an electric PTZ. It is easy to operate, flexible to use and convenient to carry. It is widely used in various shooting occasions.Jib with five telescopicJib with five telescopic Fully extended lengths is 5.6m and can load 5kg. shrinking, it 1.48 and only 6 kg.Max payload is 12.5 kg5.6m can bear 5kg, and 4m can bear 12.5 kg. can equipment with SLR stabilizer and DJI R2Adopts ARRI gear disc rotatable designJ5 Length also can be 5.6m: can shoot deep into a narrow space, and vertically, and meet the high camera position shooting needs.Suitable with DJI RS3 PRO/RS2 /R2 BaseCompatible with DJI RS3 PRO, RS2 and R2 gimbal bases, and can also be easily equipped with common handheld gimbal in the market.Equipped with the new version of the DJI RS3 PRO stabilizerOptional DJI RS2 power base, compatible with DJI RS2 and RS3 PRO stabilizers.DJI RS3 PRO/RS2 Wireless ControllerDJI RS3 PRO/RS2 Wireless Controller Can control rotation, pitch, roll, and direction switching.Light Stand or Tripod can be Supportinstalled on the pan/tilt quick release plate and supported by the camera pan/tilt.Simple Operationit only needs to be pulled, simple, convenient, and fast.V-mount Lithium Battery Power SupplyPowered by V port battery, output two power supplies, a 12V power supply for monitor, other 14.8V powers for DJI RS3 PRO/RS2Forearm Support FrameForearm Support Frame Easy to adjust.Convenient ExpansionUniversal support mounting monitor.Practical and portableThe fully retracted rocker arm is 1.48 meters long, and the overall carrying weight is only 6 kilograms. A carrying case can be carried easily.

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