Boneco CA200 Ionic Pro Compact Silent Air Purifier


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The Ionic technology is ultra-quiet purification. Ionic technology works silently to trap particles and pollutants while circulating clean air back into the air. It starts by generating a stream of negative ions. The negative ions attract the positive airborne allergens and particles in the air. The negative ions join with these pollutants, then the particles are trapped on oppositely charged metal collection plates and a clean fresh flow of negative air is then circulated back into the air. The Compact model is super easy to clean. Simply lift the removable cap, pull up on the collection blades to slide them out, and wipe clean with a dry cloth. If very dirty, you can clean with soapy water. Once its completely, simply place the collection blades back into the unit. There is an indicator light that tells you when its time to clean the collection blades Compact size to go wherever you go Boneco CA200 Ionic Pro Compact Silent Air Purifier Camping World Boneco CA200 Ionic Pro Compact Silent Air Purifier

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