Hot peppers force plane to make emergency landing in Ireland

An Air France flight from the Dominican Republic to Paris, France was diverted to Shannon, Ireland after the pilots reported fire alarms going off in the cargo hold of the Boeing 747. The culprit? Vegetables and flowers that were being carried as cargo. Authorities specifically blamed hot peppers for the false alarm. The Irish Times has […]

Lufthansa to allow falcons in passenger cabins

I don’t normally get my travel news from Saturday Night Live, but last night’s SNL Weekend Update featured a joke referencing Lufthansa’s plans to allow falcons to fly in the passenger cabin on some flights (the story & joke appears around the 3:55 mark of the linked Hulu video). I hadn’t heard about this, so […]

Key & Peele: Terrorist Meeting About The TSA

Key & Peele wrapped up its latest season on Comedy Central this week, and I’ll certainly miss the it. It’s one of the best sketch comedy shows around right now. The duo hasn’t shied away from controversial topics in their comedy, and that did not change with this episode. Watch this sketch where a group […]

Have $8,000? Buy your own TSA Body Scanner!

Just in time for the holiday season comes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to invade their friends’ privacy while exposing them to radiation from machinery whose safety has been widely debated! MentalFloss noticed this eBay listing for a Rapiscan Secure 1000 SP (Single Pose) Backscatter Body Scanner X-Ray, which retailed for $113,350 of your tax […]

My Top Travel Instagram Photos – November 2014

This kicks off a new series of recurring posts featuring my photography on Instagram. Every month, I’ll post my favorite photos that I have taken and posted on Instagram, along with a quick description giving a bit more background. View this post on Instagram Apparently these two platforms are in separate time zones that are […]

Woman booted off flight after bringing disruptive pig aboard

As if flying over the Thanksgiving holiday wasn’t chaotic enough, a USAirways flight in Connecticut had an issue with a unique passenger: a pet pig that had been carried aboard. While pigs actually are allowed to be brought on planes as emotional support animals, airlines can determine whether or not their presence creates a nuisance or […]

Bolt comes loose from plane, flies into window on Air Canada flight

Ask frequent travelers which planes they hate the most, and smaller turboprop planes will likely be at the top of that list. There are many reasons for this, but here’s another to add: a bolt came loose on an Air Canada Bombardier Dash 8 flight and was flung by the propeller into a passenger’s window. The […]

Naked man falls through ceiling, assaults elderly man at Boston airport

Look up above you right now. Is there a ceiling? Have you thought about the fact that ceiling might conceal a naked man inside? Probably not, but that was the case at Boston’s Logan International Airport this weekend. According to State Police, 26-year-old Cameron Shenk of Boston allegedly went into a women’s restroom at the airport, […]

Report: Amazon to launch hotel booking service next year

According to a report on Skift, will be getting into the hotel booking market next year. The company plans to launch a site to book hotels in a limited amount of markets. The site will feature hand-picked independent hotels in each area, beginning with New York, Los Angeles, and their hometown of Seattle. Skift […]

Travel Contest Roundup: November 19, 2014 – Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji & more

Check out these travel contests. You can win trips to Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji, Mexico, St. Lucia, Norway, the Super Bowl, Miami, California, and more. Win a trip to Colombia (2) round-trip confirmed space (fare code DM001-0) airfare tickets in Economy Class on flights operated by LAN Colombia or one of its affiliated passenger carriers from […]