Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt Airport FRA review

My trip back to San Francisco from Portugal was a meandering journey over a few days. After a couple of days layover in Frankfurt, I would be next heading to Calgary, Canada on an Air Canada flight. Since I was flying on a business class award ticket from Frankfurt to Calgary, I had access to […]

The best craft beer in Copenhagen, Denmark – The Mikkeller bars

If you’re a craft beer fan, then you are familiar with the name Mikkeller. Named after founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, Copenhagen, Denmark’s Mikkeller has grown rapidly over the last decade, brewing some of the tastiest beers around. The brewery is unique in that Mikkeller is actually a gypsy brewery, preferring to use the facilities of other […]

The best craft beer in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt isn’t at the top of the list for most visitors to Germany. You’re most likely to end up in Frankfurt on a layover. Germany has a strong beer culture, of course, but Frankfurt is actually better known for cider, particularly on the south side of the Main River. Despite this, there are still a […]

The guide to a 24 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany

At some point, most travelers will end up making a connection in Frankfurt. But beyond the airport, what is there to see and do? On my way back home from Portugal, I decided to spend a couple of nights in Frankfurt to see what the city had to offer. The Guide to a 24 Hour […]

Blue Lounge Lisbon Airport LIS review

The Blue Lounge Lisbon Airport is the smaller of the two Priority Pass lounges at the airport by a long shot. It’s in a much quieter area of Lisbon Airport, near Gates 7-13. Proximity to those gates is one of the only reasons why you should go to the Blue Lounge Lisbon if you have […]

ANA Lounge Lisbon Airport LIS review

The ANA Lounge is the primary lounge at Lisbon airport. Run by Aeropuertos de Portugal, it serves as the lounge for many airlines, along with Priority Pass, which is how I visited. Here are my thoughts on the ANA Lounge Lisbon Airport. ANA Lounge Lisbon Airport The lounge is easy spot. Just past security, you […]

The best craft beer in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city that is going through a moment of excitement. It has a seen a surge in visitors, and it’s also becoming a technology hub. Along with this, it’s also seeing rapid growth when it comes to craft beer. Here is my guide to the best craft beer in Lisbon. The best craft […]

The best seafood restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal

It’s no secret that Portugal has excellent seafood. There are plenty of fantastic options when it comes to seafood restaurants in Lisbon. You can go to modern seafood places, ones that have a straightforward take on seafood, and places that specialize in traditional Portuguese dishes. Here are my recommendations for some of the best seafood […]

Portugal’s national sandwiches: The Bifana & the Prego

The Portuguese love a good sandwich, just like any sensible person. Portugal has not one but two sandwiches that are considered national sandwiches: The bifana and the prego. Both are straightforward sandwiches made with tender, thin pieces of meat. The bifana is made with pork, while the prego is made with beef. They are served […]

The guide to Lisbon’s funiculars & elevators

Lisbon is a city built on seven hills. As a result, getting around isn’t as easy as it is in some places. However, Lisbon has built a few unique ways to get up and down the hills: a system of funicular railways & elevators called “elevadors”. The Lisbon funiculars & elevators not only will save […]

The guide to Lisbon’s trams including Tram 28

Trams are at the heart of Lisbon’s public transportation system. Its bright yellow trams have been made famous all over the world by travelers who have visited the city. There are presently a total of six tram lines in Lisbon: The 12, 15, 18, 24, 25, & 28. Of these, a couple are of particular […]

A visit to LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, like many cities around the world, has old industrial areas that are disused. LX Factory, a formerly abandoned factory in Lisbon, is a showcase for what a city can do to breathe new life into an industrial space. What was once an old factory is now an entertainment and shopping complex that retains its […]

A tour of Belem and the Age of Discovery in Lisbon, Portugal

No trip to Lisbon is complete without a day trip to Belém. Belém was a crucial port during the Age of Discovery. Today it is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whatever your thoughts are on global sea exploration & its ensuing colonization of the world, Portugal played a large role in it. In order to […]

The best craft beer in Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal is a pretty, upscale beach town just west of Lisbon. It’s easily accessed by train for a day trip or evening out. Less packed than Lisbon, it makes for a nice relaxing day, especially drinking outside on a patio. There are a couple of notable places to drink craft beer in Cascais, including […]