Hyatt adds points + cash bookings online

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Hyatt has offered the ability to book a room using a combination of cash and Hyatt Gold Passport points for a while, but the catch was that the booking could not be done online.

There’s good news now, as Hyatt has finally added the capability to book rooms online using points + cash.

The amount of points & cash required differs by award level.

Here is the current Hyatt award chart, including cash + points, as of November 2015, via

hyatt award chart 700x298 - Hyatt adds points + cash bookings online

Let’s break down the cost per point to “buy” points if you opt to combine cash & points.

  • Category 1: Use 2,500 points, buy 2,500 points for $50 = 2 cents per point
  • Category 2: Use 4,000 points, buy 4,000 points for $55 = 1.375 cents per point
  • Category 3: Use 6,000 points, buy 6,000 points for $75 = 1.25 cents per point
  • Category 4: Use 7,500 points, buy 7,500 points for $100 = 1.33 cents per point
  • Category 5: Use 10,000 points, buy 10,000 points for $125 = 1.25 cents per point
  • Category 6: Use 12,500 points, buy 12,500 points for $150 = 1.2 cents per point
  • Category 7: Use 15,000 points, buy 15,000 points for $300 = 2 cents per point

As you can see, the best values are in the category 2-6 range, with category 6 being the cheapest, and categories 3 & 5 not being far behind. Category 1 & category 7 Hyatt hotels give the worst value. Overall, the meaty middle of their chart provides some opportunities for saving money while preserving some of your points for other bookings or extending how long you can stay for cheap.

It also gives a nice reference point for the minimum value you should be trying to get for each redemption. For example, given that you can buy half the points needed for a category 4 room for $100, I would not redeem my points for a room that costs less than $200 per night unless I absolutely had to do so.

For more on the math, as well as for other helpful redemption tools, go check out the Wandering Aramean’s site.

One thing to note also is that cash + points stays are eligible for elite level qualification as well as for any bonus promotions Hyatt may be running.

While the Hyatt cash + points combo has been around for a while, the ability to search and book online is much better, as you can see all of your options and availability right in front of you.

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