Done with TSA security screenings after landing? Maybe not!

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Most people would think that once their journey is complete, they are not going to be subjected to any further searches by the TSA. Kahler Nygard of Orono, Minnesota, found out on a recent trip that that’s not necessarily the case.

Nygard’s Spirit Airlines boarding pass had the dreaded “SSSS” marking, which means that he should have been subjected to an extra intensive screening before he boarded his flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Denver. He claims that he was, but at some point while the flight was in the air, it was determined that this screening was not enough. When the flight landed in Denver, TSA agents met the flight at the gate and removed Nygard before any of the other passengers. They then tried to get him to consent to additional searches, but he questioned whether or not they were actually detaining him, or if he was free to leave the premises.

Here is video of the encounter:

This is the sort of thing that makes a lot of people hate the TSA. It’s one thing to do screenings before someone gets on a flight, but once that person has completed their trip, that should be the end of it. The fact that the plane landed safely shows he was no danger, and if he was that much of a threat, then either the flight should have landed immediately or actual police officers would have been waiting there rather than TSA agents. Who knows how many post-flight searches go on every day, but Nygard was correct in standing up for his rights and also filming his encounter. Airport security does serve a purpose, but common sense needs to be applied.

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