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Toddler has Minions “fart blaster” gun confiscated at airport

Following on the success of the “Despicable Me” movies, “Minions” has been everywhere this summer. One merchandise tie-in from the films got a toddler in trouble in Dublin, Ireland. Don’t you worry though, the security personnel at Dublin International Airport have neutralized the threat caused a “Minions” replica fart blaster gun. Yes, a fart gun. Here’s […]

Another new inflight safety video from Delta

A few months ago, Delta Airlines introduced a new inflight safety video featuring internet celebrities. They’re back at it, releasing another new video today. This one has a few pop culture references, but for the most part it’s just weird, with a lot of lame dad jokes & caricature passengers we’re presumably supposed to laugh […]

Video: KLM plane lands in strong winds in Amsterdam

This video below is pretty crazy. A KLM Boeing 777 successfully landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport despite very high winds, but it wasn’t easy. Watch as the plane rolls back and forth, with the right wing getting scarily close to the ground just before the pilots leveled the jet in order to stick the great landing. That was a […]

United passengers forced to sleep in Belfast airport after disruptive passenger diverts flight

On Saturday night, United Airlines Flight 971 from Rome to Chicago was diverted to Belfast, Northern Ireland, after pilots deemed it unsafe to continue flying due to a disruptive passenger. According to other passengers on the flight, the passenger had been “extremely verbally abusive” to a woman even before boarding.  Passenger Rick Sliter said to NBC […]

Broadway casts of “The Lion King” & “Aladdin” hold sing-off during 6-hour delay at New York LaGuardia Airport

Being stuck at New York’s LaGuardia Airport for 6 hours is a traveler’s worst nightmare. While some areas of the airport have recently been refurbished & are actually decent, other areas make LGA look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Broadway casts of Disney’s “The Lion King” & “Aladdin” helped make a 6-hour weather delay on Sunday […]