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Man protests the TSA in Portland by getting naked

People often joke about how the TSA will eventually force passengers to strip off their clothes before boarding a flight. One man, John E. Brennan got a head start on that by getting naked at Portland International Airport as he tried to clear screening before heading to San Jose on Alaska Airlines. Brennan claimed that […]

Video: JetBlue pilot tries to break into cockpit, yells about bomb, gets removed from plane after emergency landing

This morning, JetBlue Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas after an in-flight incident involving the captain. According to witnesses, the co-pilot noticed the captain was behaving erratically, then locked the captain out of the cockpit after he left to use the restroom. As […]

Video: Penguins on a plane

Some airline passengers get to sit near screaming babies or people who sound like they have the plague. Other passengers get to sit near penguins. Life just isn’t fair, is it? On a recent Delta flight from San Antonio to Atlanta, first class passengers were treated to a visit from some well-dressed guests. Two penguins […]