Ballet dancers perform in Denver airport during layover

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There are a few options for passing the time during a long layover. You can go to a lounge. You can shop. You can get drunk in an airport bar. Or, if you’re part of a performing arts group, you can put on a show and then post the video to Facebook.

Santa Barbara, California’s State Street Ballet were traveling from Spokane, Washington to Durango, Colorado to perform “The Nutcracker” holiday ballet when they found themselves with a five hour layover in Denver International Airport. Rather than go find the creepy giant horse statue that “welcomes” you to Denver, they opted to perform ballet on the airport’s moving sidewalks instead.

Watch the State Street Ballet’s Denver airport performance below:

This is what happens when State Street Ballet has a 5 hour layover haha ✈️ with Courtney Hanaway Noam Tsivkin Chang Hung Chung Mauricio Vera Deise Mendonça

Posted by Nick Topete on Monday, December 7, 2015

Like good, courteous airport visitors, they stayed to the right side of the moving sidewalk so other people could pass by on the left. Seriously people, that’s not difficult. If a bunch of ballet dancers can do it while performing, you can too!

via 9News

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