50,000 USAirways Miles for you, 5,000 USAirways Miles for me

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The USAirways & American Airlines merger is in full swing, and one of the changes that will be coming out of it is the eventual elimination of the ability to sign up for a USAirways credit card. Barclaycard will stop taking new signups sometime next year, so time is running out for anyone who wants to take advantage of their current credit card signup offer. These USAirways Dividend Miles will become American AAdvantage miles sometime next year.

usairways barclaycard 500x608 - 50,000 USAirways Miles for you, 5,000 USAirways Miles for me

The current offer gets you 50,000 USAirways Miles for an $89 annual fee. There is no minimum spend requirement aside from using the card just one time.

Here are the details of the benefits of USAirways Premier World Mastercard:

  • 50,000 Bonus Miles after first purchase and payment of $89 annual fee
  • First Checked Bag FREE
  • One-time Companion Certificate
  • Priority Boarding

In addition to the 50,000 miles you get for getting this credit card, I get 5,000 miles for referring you. So if you’re considering this, I’d appreciate you supporting the site & my future travels. If there are multiple people in your household, you can each apply separately.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct link, so if you are interested, either leave a comment below, and I will send you a referral e-mail, or e-mail me at info (at) everybodyhatesatourist.net and I’ll get you the info on the USAirways credit card bonus.

The deadline is January 18th, 2015.

As always, sign up for this card only if it is right for you and your credit situation. Happy travels!

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