500 free Virgin America Elevate points

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Virgin America is offering a nice little holiday gift for those who participate in their Elevate frequent flier program.

Program members should have received an e-mail this week offering 500 bonus Virgin America Elevate points.

500 free virgin america points 500x395 - 500 free Virgin America Elevate points

The catch? There is none, just enjoy the free miles once you register. The Ts & Cs say they should post within 3 weeks. If you missed the e-mail, try signing up here anyway, and as long as you currently have an Elevate account, it should work just fine.

Virgin America points usually expire if you have no activity for 18 months, so these free points should reset that clock on anything you already have in your account, and get you that much closer to your next trip.

Happy holidays & happy travels!

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