Lufthansa Business Lounge Dusseldorf DUS Airport review

The next leg of my trip home was from Dusseldorf to Chicago on American Airlines. Since I was flying in business class, I had lounge access while I waited for my flight.

The lounge for American Airlines passengers is actually the Lufthansa Business Lounge, which is odd, as Lufthansa is in the Star Alliance, while American is in Oneworld. However, there aren’t any other lounges in this part of Dusseldorf Airport, so this is the lounge that American passengers get to use.

In this small terminal in a minor hub, the Lufthansa Business Lounge Dusseldorf is as mediocre as you’d expect. There is also a separate Lufthansa first class lounge available, but I didn’t have access to it.

The more relaxed seating area was fairly crowded.

There were lots of workspaces and tables, plus plenty of power outlets.

At 7:30am, half of the snacks were empty. What food available was only cold, with hard-boiled eggs being the most appealing thing.

They did have gummy bears.

Or if you want to be even more unhealthy, there is a smoking room.

The lounge has beer and wine, as well as a decent self-service liquor selection. Plus tea.

Overall, the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Dusseldorf is nothing special. It gets the basics down, and there was a decent amount of space. However, it seemed like a lot of the central area was wasted, and there were far more uncomfortable dining area spaces to sit than were warranted. The more relaxed seating areas were more crowded than the table areas. Some lounges are places you wouldn’t mind hanging out in for a few hours before a flight, but this isn’t one of them.

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