Europe: Paris to Nice, Day 7

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For the most part, the ride to Nice was uneventful. We finally got out of the clouds and fog about 2.5 hours into the journey, and it was then sunny for the rest of the way. I activated my Eurail pass for the ride, giving me unlimited train travel for the next 15 days of my trip. I had opted for first class, thinking there would be more room to stretch out, but the first class section on the TGV is pretty unimpressive. My seat reservation was sandwiched amongst people who were easily in their 80s. The woman across from me ate a tuna salad sandwich, which did not smell great, but I decided against going nuclear and breaking out the Roquefort I had brought, sticking with some goat cheese and another cured cheese with a baguette instead.

The scenery of central France was oddly reminiscent of central Arizona to me. The scrubby looking plants reminded me of the drive towards Prescott through Presoctt Valley. I guess it makes sense to some extent, since you can make wine in each place, but it was still strange. There was even an area closer to the coast near Cannes that had red rocks like Sedona, but on a much smaller scale.

One of my final sights of the day was a guy standing with a group of other guys, in the process of unbuckling his pants. I was very glad that I was toward the front of the train, as those in the last few cars must have gotten an eyeful of whatever he was planning on doing.

Song of the Day: Bruce Springsteen – Land of Hope and Dreams

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