Minute Suites Dallas-Fort Worth DFW Terminal A review

While most travelers are familiar with the concept of airline lounges, there’s a new idea that’s beginning to gain popularity: private airport relaxation suites. Minute Suites are one of the companies that are offering these private mini-lounges. During a 3 hour layover, I checked out the Minute Suites Dallas-Fort Worth DFW Terminal A.

The Minute Suites in DFW’s Terminal A is located near gate A38. As luck would have it, this was the gate my flight arrived at. Thanks to having a Priority Pass card, I had free access to the Minute Suites for an hour.

Here is the current pricing as of September 2017 if you don’t have a Priority Pass, or if you would like to stay for more than an hour. There are even overnight options available, which is intriguing if you end up stuck at the airport.

Pricing One hour (minimum): $42.00 15-minute increments (first two hours) $10.50 Two hours $84.00 15-minute increments (after two hours) $8.00 8 hour day rate (PHL & DFW Locations) $160.00 Overnight flat rate (8 hours) $140.00 30-minute shower*: $30.00 Shower with suite rental purchase*: $20.00

One drawback of the Minute Suites setup is that there simply aren’t many suites available. If you show up with your Priority Pass and all the rooms are booked, you’re out of luck. As it would happen, I managed to get the last room available.

The suites are small, but they have everything you’d need to kill some time in an airport. There is a couch/daybed that’s large enough for a couple of people. The room has sound masking technology that hides any outside noise. It’s almost too quiet, but you can change the background noise. There are also temperature controls, so you can really make the room comfortable.

The Minute Suites Dallas-Fort Worth Terminal A does not have showers, though the other suites in Terminal D do have them. If you forgot any toiletries or medications at home, there is a list of items available.

There is also a huge TV with access to DirecTV, Roku, and more. Thanks to the variety of channels available through DirecTV, you could potentially time your visit to duck into one of these Minute Suites if there was an important sporting event you wanted to watch. While I was in the suite, I watched Usain Bolt race in the World Championships.

The TV is situated above a large desk in case you need to do work. If you need to have a private call or meeting while in the airport, these suites are a good idea. There was also wifi available, and there are plenty of outlets to recharge your devices.

The room had a couple of bottles of water sitting there, so I asked if they were free. Unfortunately, they cost $2.50 each. The airport didn’t like that the Minute Suites Dallas-Fort Worth was giving out free bottles of water, so now they have to charge. Still, you’re welcome to bring in any outside food or beverage that you want.

After my hour was up, I checked out, and then headed to Terminal D to visit the DFW Amex Centurion Lounge.

The idea of private airport suites won’t appeal to everyone, but for those who find themselves jet-lagged, needing a private workspace, or really needing to get away from people to de-stress will find that the Minute Suites Dallas-Fort Worth DFW Terminal A are a quite useful.

Minute Suites Dallas Fort Worth DFW Terminal A review

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