Capers Market Portland PDX Priority Pass review

The excellent rapid expansion of the Priority Pass offerings at Portland International Airport includes Capers Market. Capers Market is a unique store that sells mostly local items from Portland and the surrounding area. There is also a bar with fresh seafood.

I visited Capers Market after visiting Capers Cafe Le Bar. Capers Market is located in Concourse D, near the security area. However, all of the concourses are connected in Portland, so it’s a short walk from the other concourses.

Normally I wouldn’t be reviewing what is essentially a local specialty market, but in this case, people with a Priority Pass membership can get $28 in credit to the market or to the attached bar.

Edit: November 9, 2017 – Priority Pass has updated the terms and conditions for Capers Market to say that the credit of “US$28 is valid for the purchase of any meal and/or drinks excluding bottle sales & merchandise.” Merchandise is a vague word, since Capers Market sells a lot of food items that I wouldn’t consider to be merchandise. A prepared sandwich or bakery item is food, but what would sausage or chocolate be considered? It remains to be seen just what is included here, but the deal covers less than it once does.

Capers Market is a fantastic place to get some local souvenirs to take back home with you. They have local meat, cheese, chocolates, baked goods, plus wine and beer.

As for the bar, you can also sit and have a drink plus some fresh seafood. This is an option if you don’t want to take anything with you, but otherwise I’d personally opt to bring home some local specialty food items, as they make great gifts for a loved one (or yourself).

I bought 2 sausages from Olympia Provisions, plus a chocolate bar from Ranger. The total price: Exactly $28. The guy who rang me up laughed and immediately asked for my Priority Pass card. He knew what was up.

I’d be interested to know just how the business model for this works. Capers Market must love this business & inventory turnover, even if there’s a slight discount given to Priority Pass. Where I’m not sure how this all works out is for Priority Pass. It doesn’t all seem sustainable, but it’s certainly worth taking advantage of now if you’re passing through Portland airport, both when you arrive & when you depart. I only wished that I had realized this when I had arrived in Portland, as I could have also bought some items to bring to my friends. Edit – See above, it was indeed changed somewhat.

The Priority Pass offerings in Portland are fantastic. Thanks to the ability to take items home with you, Capers Market is one of my favorites. It’s a nice alternative to Capers Cafe Le Bar. However, I still had one stop left on my tour of all the Priority Pass locations at PDX: House Spirits Distillery, the most unique Priority Pass location I have been to.

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