Good sniffer dogs at airport keep finding only cheese and sausages

Authorities at Manchester International Airport in England have released a report that includes data on the success of their sniffer dog program. The dogs are supposed to be sniffing out illegal drugs, but they haven’t been very successful at it. Instead, like all dogs, they’re incredibly good at sniffing out meat and cheese.

According to the report via The Guardian, the dogs failed to find any cocaine or heroin, but “the dogs helped seize more than 46,000 cigarettes, 60kg of tobacco, 181kg of illegal meat, and £28,000 in cash. The dogs successfully detected illegal drugs on three occasions, finding small amounts of class B substances. They also found tablets of human growth hormone, Viagra and Bromazepam.”

The program has cost the British government £1.25 million, which is a lot of cheddar to only find cheddar.

I first read about this story on an offbeat travel site I enjoy called Atlas Obscura, where it was titled “Bad Sniffer Dogs at Airport Keep Finding Only Cheese and Sausages”. I heartily disagree with this headline. These are good dogs, not bad dogs.

You want to know why? Because cheese & sausages are awesome, and I wish I had some dogs to help me find more of them.


Who’s a good dog? You’re a good dog!

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    • phoenix00

      That sounds like my old dog reincarnated! Fat slob of American Cocker but best pet imaginable.