The Daily Show creates a recruitment ad for the TSA

As the TSA turns into more and more of a joke this year, it’s only natural that The Daily Show would weigh in on the recent issues they have had with long lines and staffing issues.

Tonight, Trevor Noah & the rest of the Daily Show correspondents gave another rundown of all of the difficulties, but unlike some people, they’ve done something about it. They want to help the TSA get more high-quality employees, so they created an ad that the TSA can use to find more top-notch security screeners.

Watch the full segment, along with the TSA recruitment ad they created (language NSFW):

They’re right, when you think about it. You do have to be pretty creepy to have a job where one of your key tasks is asking people to take their shoes off all day long.

As much as it’s all a joke, there’s one final line of the Daily Show’s TSA ad that is 100% true, and it’s one of the biggest issues with the TSA: At $15 an hour, they don’t have to give a f—. They are the many, the not-so-proud, the TSA.

The new era of The Daily Show took a while to find itself, but I think they’ve been doing some quality work lately with bits like this one.


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