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Travel Contests: September 20, 2017 – Thailand, Morocco, Mexico, & more

Here are your travel contests for this week. You can win trips to Thailand; Morocco; Colombia; 100,000 Alaska Airlines Miles; a NASCAR race in Fort Worth, Texas; New York City; Orlando, Florida; Asheville, North Carolina; Mexico; and more. Good luck & be sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss any contests! Win a […]

Get another free 500 Virgin America Elevate points for signing up for a newsletter

A few weeks ago, Virgin America gave out free Virgin America Elevate points just for signing up for a couple of newsletters for other Virgin companies. They’re back with another promotion. This time Virgin is giving out 500 free Virgin America Elevate points for signing up for e-mails from Virgin Produced. With their merger with […]

Get 250 Virgin America points for entering to win a trip to Hawaii (750 if you’re a new member)

Virgin America has launched a new partnership with Starwood Preferred Guest. To promote the partnership, Virgin & SPG have teamed up for a contest where the grand prize is a trip to Hawaii. While a trip to Hawaii would be great, even those who don’t win still get something for entering. Everyone who enters gets […]

Man breaches security at LAX & gets tased while being filmed by Verne Troyer

Yesterday was a busy day for security at our nation’s airports. In addition to the guy who got naked at the Charlotte airport, another man breached a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport. After being summoned by the TSA, an officer tried to arrest 21-year-old Christian James Heinz of Danville, California, but Heinz broke free & […]

Father of Alaska Airlines flight attendant invents perfect bottle opener for daughter & other travelers

Have you ever tried opening one of those small liquor bottles that you get on airplanes? They’re not always easy to open, and if your hands are even a little bit slippery, you’ll have difficulty opening them. Imagine now that you’re a flight attendant, and you’re opening several of these tiny bottles on each flight. […]