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Malaysia Airlines Business Class Airbus A330-300 Auckland AKL to Kuala Lumpur KUL review

My departing flight from New Zealand was the reverse of my trip from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland, this time going from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines in Business Class on an Airbus A330-300. It was still part of my generous US Airways award booking. After a faster-than-expected bus ride from central Auckland to […]

American Airlines First Class Boeing A321S Dallas-Fort Worth DFW to San Francisco SFO review

I rarely write about domestic first class flights because most of them aren’t that great, at least the times I’ve flown. Sure, you get a more comfortable seat and some snacks or perhaps a small meal, but they aren’t worth writing about. This flight was a bit different, as it was the nicest American domestic […]

Emirates releases new ad featuring Jennifer Aniston

Emirates has signed everyone’s favorite Friend Jennifer Aniston as their new celebrity endorser. Okay, so maybe she’s not necessarily everyone’s favorite, but she’s certainly top 5. Number 6 is of course Ross, and there’s no debating that. Anyway, Emirates has released their first advertisement featuring the actress. Watch the new Jennifer Aniston ad promoting their […]

Video: Air France Airbus A320 aborts landing 3 times at Manchester Airport

Earlier this week, the UK experienced strong storms as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo battered the country. High winds had an impact on travel, causing flight cancellations and delays. In the video below, watch an Air France Airbus A320 try to land at Manchester airport three times, aborting each attempt. After the last go around, the flight finally […]